Sunday Funday

Make it a Sexy Sunday Funday!

We should try to bring sexiness to every day of the week, but all our schedules tend to be pretty insane. We have seven days filled to the brim with working, house chores, errands and social commitments. Groove strongly advocates for at least one “Sexy Sunday” to be reclaimed each month for couples to reconnect with sensuality, intimacy and sexy romps! We even suggest scheduling it as something both of you may look forward to together.


If you have kids you’ll have to make an extra effort, but it will be worth it. If they’re young kids then maybe you can arrange a “Sunday Swap” with another couple, to take the kids for a Saturday night sleep over once a month or to come get them Sunday morning for a day of playtime. That kind of babysitting exchange could be a saving grace for all of the parents involved!


With the house empty you can now dive into things with sensual abandonment. There are a lot of ways to celebrate a “Sexy Sunday.”


  1. Do you naturally wake up early? Then roll-over, snuggle up and go back to sleep? When our lives are busy sleep becomes a merely functional activity. When you have the chance to nap for pleasure, then let your bodies wrap around each other more than usual. Take some clothes off (or all your clothes off) and nap naked. Even better, if you wake up early, have some hot sleepy sex and then when you’re wiped out, you can fall right back to sleep.


  1. Be Naked! Not just in bed, but when you’re having breakfast or watching TV. Walking around naked in a way that isn’t explicitly for sex can have some bonus effects. One, it’s easier to feel more comfortable naked when it’s a more natural experience. Two, already being naked makes it really easy to act on any sexual urges! Lingerie can, of course add to the “I’m So Sexy!” feeling, but lingerie is not a prerequisite for Sexy Sunday Funday.


  1. Turn the TV off! While it can be great to veg-out together and watch movies, or catch up on your favorite show, that is not what sexy Sunday is about. If you do include some TV time be sure you decide that together and make space to connect emotionally too.


  1. Cut the digital cord. Put away the phones, tablets, laptops, notebooks and anything else that uses a rechargeable battery (except fabulous rechargeable sex toys!) and connect with your partner.


  1. “Sexy Sunday” isn’t just about having a lot of sex. In fact it doesn’t even have to be about “having” sex. There are a lot of ways to connect as a couple that will keep the sexy energy going. Read erotica to each other. Give each other foot rubs. Take a shower together. Give each other massages.Go to a movie and make-out in the back row. Take a long walk and share your fantasies, whether they’re about sex or generally about life. Touch each other. Look into each other’s eyes so you can slow down and really see each other… And have lots of Sunday sex.


Even if you can’t take the whole day off or have the day to yourselves, commit to find a chunk of time once a month (at the very least) that you can focus on being a “couple” no matter what else is going on in your life. It doesn’t have to be a Sunday, choose whatever works with your schedule. However you do it, make time for sexual connection!

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