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Coupons & Notes
    •  I Dare You Cards
    • I Dare You Cards

      From Sexpert Susie Bright, this beautiful gift box is full of 30 seductive activities or dares, each sealed in an envelope ready for the taking.

    •  Get Kinky Coupons
    • Get Kinky Coupons

      This coupon book has gorgeous photographic images and elegant writing throughout. Get kinky and wild with 23 ways to fulfill your fantasies.

    •  IOU Sex Coupons
    • IOU Sex Coupons

      If you owe your lover a treat, make it a real treat-for both of you. These 30 naughty IOUs for sensual favors will both titillate and inspire.

    •  Blowjob Vouchers - Book of 10
    • Blowjob Vouchers - Book of 10

      Give that special someone something as special as he is. Give him the promise of a lot of oral love when you gift him with Blowjob Vouchers.

    •  Naughty Coupons for Her
    • Naughty Coupons for Her

      This fun book offers 22 sexy coupons guaranteed to bring her incredible bliss. This is a gift for him to give to her.

    •  Naughty Coupons for Couples
    • Naughty Coupons for Couples

      These 23 colorfully-photographed and suggestive coupons can be redeemed between lovers for exciting, daring experiences!

    •  F*ck You Stamp Kit
    • F*ck You Stamp Kit

      The middle finger? Passe. Swearing Verbally? Too much energy. A better way to deliver the message? The FU Stamp Kit!

    •  What I Love About You Activity Book
    • What I Love About You Activity Book

      This little book contains fill-in-the-blank lines describing some aspect of your affection for your beloved.

    • Kheper Games A Year of Kama Sutra Coupons
    • Kheper Games A Year of Kama Sutra Coupons

      A Year of Kama Sutra Coupons offers 52 creative sex tip cards. Each week, select a tip card to share with your lover.

    •  Magentic Poetry Kit: Dong Lover
    • Magentic Poetry Kit: Dong Lover

      Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, but from skyscrapers to speeding locomotives, Freud would say we live in a world filled with the phallic. The Dong Lover nakedly celebrates this viewpoint.

    •  Fan-Fucking-Tastic Notecards
    • Fan-Fucking-Tastic Notecards

      Combining the fine art of calligraphy with the fine art of swearing, this notecard set offers a range of exquisitely-appropriate expletives to express how you really feel.

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