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Spice up that IOU with a sexy coupon or sex voucher! With these naughty coupons, you and your partner will always have something fun and exciting to look forward too.

With Groove's love coupons and sex vouchers you get to have endless amount of fun with your significant other. You are able to make new memories, and do things you both enjoy together. With Groove you'll find a wide variety of magnetic poetry kits, naughty sex coupons for him or her, and even dirty humor office supplies.

Sex coupons are good for birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays. Best part about Groove's sex coupons.. They never expire! 


Coupons & Notes
    •  I Dare You Cards
    • I Dare You Cards

      From Sexpert Susie Bright, this beautiful gift box is full of 30 seductive activities or dares, each sealed in an envelope ready for the taking.

    •  Blowjob Vouchers - Book of 10
    • Blowjob Vouchers - Book of 10

      Give that special someone something as special as he is. Give him the promise of a lot of oral love when you gift him with Blowjob Vouchers.

    •  F*ck Box - FUCK!
    • F*ck Box - FUCK!

      WTF? Plus fifteen other indispensable 'F' based profanities for every occasion. Expressive expletives at the touch of a button.

    • Knock Knock Vouchers for Sexy Times
    • Knock Knock Vouchers for Sexy Times

      Give the gift that gives twenty times over, from "naughty nooner" to "tongue bath" to "steamy sexting!"

    •  IOU Sex Coupons
    • IOU Sex Coupons

      If you owe your lover a treat, make it a real treat-for both of you. These 30 naughty IOUs for sensual favors will both titillate and inspire.

    •  Sex Rx Coupons
    • Sex Rx Coupons

      The doctor is IN! Write up your own prescription for naughtiness and racy nights with this set of 22 different coupons presented with super-cute graphics inside and out. It's just what the doctor ordered!

    •  Magnetic Poetry Kit: The BITCH Edition
    • Magnetic Poetry Kit: The BITCH Edition

      Some people consider the word BITCH offensive and some people wear it as a badge of pride. However you feel, this kit knows what it wants and how to get it, whether you want to write a requiem for feminine power or just a few lines about being bitchy.

    •  Why I Must Have Sex With You Pad
    • Why I Must Have Sex With You Pad

      While sex is one of our basic needs, the diversity of reasons to engage in it staggers the libido. Clarify motivation with a checklist that indicates every reason possible for doing it.

    •  Magnetic Poetry Kit: The "F" Word
    • Magnetic Poetry Kit: The "F" Word

      The "F" word is powerful and versatile. It's a noun, a verb, an adjective... it can do flipping anything! Maybe that's why it's so popular. Of course, it's also offensive to some people and that's why the Magnetic Poetry "F" Word Kit is so funny!

    •  Magentic Poetry Kit: Dong Lover
    • Magentic Poetry Kit: Dong Lover

      Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, but from skyscrapers to speeding locomotives, Freud would say we live in a world filled with the phallic. The Dong Lover nakedly celebrates this viewpoint.

    •  Brief Notes Notepad
    • Brief Notes Notepad

      They've tried to make Post-It notes fun by adding cool colors-but here is something that will really liven up your desk at work and send someone a message!

    •  Sex Checks: 60 Checks to Maintain Balance in the Bedroom
    • Sex Checks: 60 Checks to Maintain Balance in the Bedroom

      Containing an equal share of I.O.U.'s and U.O.ME's, this checkbook is designed to bring balance to the bedroom. Hand your lover an I.O.U. and discover how much fun being in debt can be.

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