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    • Pipedream BREWZIES Boob Beer Dispenser
    • Pipedream BREWZIES Boob Beer Dispenser

      Grab a cup and fill'er up with the amazing Brewzies bra! The original Brewzies is "the perfect pair for the perfect pour" an is the must-have drinking accessory for your next party.

    • Shots Greedy GILF Doll
    • Shots Greedy GILF Doll

      Proving experience is the reward of age, the Greedy GILF Love Doll is a game old bird who loves a plucking! There may be snow on the roof, but there's the fire of passion in her belly.

    •  Butt Freak Kitsch Kit
    • Butt Freak Kitsch Kit

      This kit will tickle more than just your fancies...more like your fanny!  From lube to bead to plug to ring, the Butt Freak Kitsch Kit is perfect for the backdoor explorer.

    •  Secretly Kinky Kitsch Kit
    • Secretly Kinky Kitsch Kit

      We all know one or two gals this kit would be perfect for. Who says a kit can't have a little wit? Awesome anal beads, a bit of a whip, "restrain yourself" cuffs. and jeweled nipple clips...all guaranteed to get the kinks out!

    •  The Bachelorette Kitsch Kit
    • The Bachelorette Kitsch Kit

      Tying the knot means a bride will need this fun little pleasure bag to get the party started! It vibrates, whips and heats…and it never watches football. This commitment is forever.

    •  Newly Single Kitsch Kit
    • Newly Single Kitsch Kit

      Oh the freedom of being single again! But when a woman needs to replace a partner, it's great to do it all at once with the Newly Single Kit.

    •  The Gold Digger Kitsch Kit
    • The Gold Digger Kitsch Kit

      "I'm not a gold digger. I just like to come into money!" From gold bullets to jeweled clips, from gilded body dust to golden vanilla oils, this kit has all the material a material girl could ask for. May it help you catch the man of your dreams!

    •  Giant Pecker Apron
    • Giant Pecker Apron

      Whooo! Show off who wears the pants in the family or at least who wears the Giant Penis Apron. This BBQ accessory is ideal for pool parties too.

    •  Fucking Awesome Temp Tattoos
    • Fucking Awesome Temp Tattoos

      Fun, cheeky and totally temporary, these tattos feature swear words rendered in lovely hand-drawn calligraphy.

    •  Cheers Bitches Coasters 15pk
    • Cheers Bitches Coasters 15pk

      Combining the fine arts of drinking and swearing, this set of fifteen coasters features festive toasts in foil-stamped calligraphy with classic cocktail recipes on the backside.

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