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Groove proudly offers a carefully-curated collection of books for sale from the best erotic writers, sex experts, and therapists.

The books sold at Groove are selected based on the quality of their content in hopes that they will enhance your sex life with facts, tips, and techniques. The erotic and instructional book selection at Groove is meant to educate and inspire our guests and online shoppers. Whether you’re seeking sex education from trusted sources or desire to expand and explore your sexual horizons Groove has you covered (be it soft cover or hardback ;-).

Let Groove help you sex up your bookshelves and learn all about the seemingly-endless topics of human sexuality.

    •  Bound To Please Kit
    • Bound To Please Kit

      The Bound To Please Kit offers a fun way to introduce the idea of bondage while learning everything from how to establish boundaries and safe words to spanking and food play.

    •  How To Be Knotty: The Essential Guide to Modern Rope Bondage
    • How To Be Knotty: The Essential Guide to Modern Rope Bondage

      How to be Knotty: The Essential Guide to Modern Rope Bondage is intended for those who have a little experience with rope bondage and want to learn more.

    •  Cosmo's Naughty Notes
    • Cosmo's Naughty Notes

      Whether it's describing a naughty night ahead, arranging a mid-afternoon tryst, or revealing a racy secret, just peel out these racy messages and let the action begin!

    •  Kama Sutra 365
    • Kama Sutra 365

      From the Congress of the Cow to the Splitting of the Bamboo, this book gives you a year's worth of awe-inspiring sex positions to breathe life into lovemaking. Every position is illustrated with a photograph.

    •  Little Black Book of Sex Positions
    • Little Black Book of Sex Positions

      A handy little pocket guide for when you're feeling randy. If you think there are only three positions that get the job done, then it's time to get out of your sexual rut and start having a ball!

    •  Cosmo Kama Sutra - 99 Mind Blowing Sex Positions
    • Cosmo Kama Sutra - 99 Mind Blowing Sex Positions

      Each of the 99 positions in this book is illustrated and features precise instructions on mastering the move. It's a torrid tour-de-force that will be as much fun to give as to receive.

    •  Oral Sex Mini Book
    • Oral Sex Mini Book

      Everything anyone needs to know about 50 erotic oral sex positions is now in a petite, easy-to-carry mini book! Hotter oral sex is right at your fingertips.

    •  Anal Sex Basics
    • Anal Sex Basics

      Sex educator Carlyle Jansen has all of the tips and techniques to ease readers into butt play and anal pleasure. Learn all of the sexiest secrets to fingering, licking, and using toys, and even erotic fantasy and role play.

    •  Penis Genius Mini Book
    • Penis Genius Mini Book

      Do you ever wish your guy's "best friend" came with an instruction manual? With Penis Genius, the few inches below your man's belt will be the topic of the most intimate geography class you will ever take.

    •  Blow Him Away
    • Blow Him Away

      When it comes to performing oral sex, most people fall somewhere between fumbling and clueless. But now, in Blow Him Away, you'll find practical, easy-to-master techniques that will give you the confidence and skills you need to become an expert.

    •  Cosmo's Wildest Sex Games
    • Cosmo's Wildest Sex Games

      Ready to walk on the wild side? Cosmo's Wildest Sex Games turns up the heat in the bedroom! Dares, dirty decisions, and tantric touches...let the smokin’, sexy games begin!

    •  Best Oral Sex Ever: Her Guide To Going Down
    • Best Oral Sex Ever: Her Guide To Going Down

      "Sexpert" author Yvonne K. Fulbright gets real with women in this bold book on giving and getting oral sex. This guide tackles the dirty taboos and awkward assumptions that keep fellatio from being seductive and satisfying.

    •  Two Knotty Boys BACK on the Ropes
    • Two Knotty Boys BACK on the Ropes

      Two Knotty Boys BACK on the Ropes is a photo-illustrated, step-by-step bondage manual that demonstrates 61 ties and how to put them into action.

    •  Lesbian Kama Sutra
    • Lesbian Kama Sutra

      Using clear, empowering text to celebrate the love between women, The Lesbian Kama Sutra encourages love and sex, pleasure and sensuality, uninhibited erotic indulgence and play.

    •  Draw A Dick On It Game
    • Draw A Dick On It Game

      A hilariously naughty take on doodling, this game challenges players to draw a d*ck on everyday objects, from a robot to a milkshake! Players simply add enhancements and captions to the emasculated images and then share their masterpieces for a good laugh

    •  Gayma Sutra
    • Gayma Sutra

      The Gay Man's Kama Sutra is the ultimate sex guide for gay men! Written by Gay Times columnist Terry Sanderson, this new interpretation the ancient classic is true celebration in the art of gay lovemaking.

    •  Adult Mad Libs: Bachelorette Bash
    • Adult Mad Libs: Bachelorette Bash

      Bachelorette Bash Mad Libs includes 21 hilarious stories all about a girl's last night as a single lady!

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