Planning the Perfect Bachelorette Party!

The goal of a Bachelorette party is to keep the bride-to-be happy, have fun, and make memories you’ll never forget.

The best bachelorette parties are awesome fun,  but they can be a little stressful to plan. The best bachelorette parties fall somewhere in between a friendly ladies’ night out and an out-of-control night of debauchery and fun – a carefully choreographed mix of wholesome catch-up time and “what happens at the bachelorette stays at the bachelorette” action makes the for the perfect bachelorette party. In charge of planning the big event? Here’s a list of ways to get it just right.


Step 1: Pre-Plan.

If you’re the MOH or a bridesmaid, you’ll need to get together with the bride and discuss what she’s always dreamed of as the perfect bachelorette party weekend. A few key points to make sure you decide on before getting into the details would be the bachelorette party location, timeframe, theme, and guest list. Does the bride-to-be want a big part of planning, or does she want it all to be a surprise? Who’s paying for what, and how long do people need to save money for the bash? Who will need to ask for time off work? Make sure you get all of these essential details now, so when the real planning begins, there are little to no unknowns.


Step 2: Get the Ladies on Board.

Bachelorette party info should be sent out way ahead of time. This is important! It makes sure you can lock in the guest list and make sure everyone has an ample amount of time to plan and save up, in addition to being able to have everyone pitch in with planning. Online invites tend to be the way to go for this – they are fun, often free, and there’s no risk of anyone losing the info!


Step 3: Set the Big Details and Deadlines.

When you have an idea of who’s on board for the bachelorette, you can start planning the big details. Choose a hotel or Airbnb, find flights or rental cars (if the party is out of town), and make reservations for the must-haves (restaurants, spas, etc.) so you won’t risk missing out! Set deadlines for booking and guests to send their cash, so there’s no guessing on if Suzie will be paying for her part in the ladies’ spa day.


Step 4: Order Party Décor and Party Games!

You’ve ironed out the details for the party – now the fun begins! Start looking for the itty bitty details – make a list of everything you want and need to take the party to the next level. Silly and cute Bachelorette party decorations, Girl’s Night Out Games, Bachelorette sashes and tiaras, and personal details can take the party from great to perfect!


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Step 5: Get There Early!

It’s almost go-time! Make plans to get to the location of the festivities at least a half-day earlier than the guests – this ensures you can iron out any last details that you may have forgotten. Bring one or two of the bridesmaids as reinforcements to make sure everything is finished, so you can enjoy the party with the crew as they arrive.


Step 6: Party On!

The guests have arrived, the drinks are flowing, giggles are abundant – congratulations, your party is in full swing, and you’ve totally pulled it off! Now, the only job you have is to make memories with the bride and all of the guests, and to stay on top of the plans you’ve made and ensure you and the crew is in tow, safely and on time. Make sure you’re having fun too – planning the big weekend can put a lot of stress on yourself, but remember that you’re a guest too, and that you deserve to kick back and have as much fun as everyone else! Grab a drink and have some fun – you deserve it.


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