She-ology 5-piece Wearable Vaginal Dilator Set

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CalExotic's She-ology 5-piece Wearable Vaginal Dilator Set was created to help women on their own unique path to sexual well-being. Vaginal dilators are tapered devices used to gently stretch the vaginal walls for more comfortable penetration.
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CalExotic's She-ology 5-piece Wearable Vaginal Dilator Set was created to help women on their own unique path to sexual well-being. Vaginal dilators are tapered devices used to slowly stretch the vaginal walls for more comfortable penetration.

Revitalize and strengthen vaginal muscles with the contoured She-ology Set. The uniquely designed 5-piece dilators are ergonomically curved and gradually sized to allow for gentle dilation. The premium silicone probes have a curved base for gentle insertion and stimulation. Pair with a mini bullet for intensified sensation and pleasure.

This graduated set has been created to rejuvenate vaginal muscles and reduce insertion discomfort with every use. Use the small dilator to begin and as you gentle exerciser and increase the elasticity of muscles, advance to the larger probes. 

Often, women experience pain during penetration during and after cancer treatment. A vaginal dilator can help a woman progress back to comfortable and satisfying vaginal penetration. Dilators are also helpful post-menopause when the vagina becomes dry, less elastic, narrower, and shorter. 

To help you with these changes, your healthcare provider may suggest that you use a vaginal dilator and start doing vaginal dilator therapy. Vaginal dilator therapy is a resource you can use throughout your life. It will help to:

  • Allow your healthcare provider to perform a more thorough pelvic exam.
  • Make it more comfortable for you to be examined.
  • Prevent your vagina from becoming too narrow.
  • Keep your vagina more elastic.
  • Allow you to have vaginal sex with less discomfort.

Inserting a vaginal dilator is simple and should not cause any discomfort if you do it slowly and gradually. Start with the smallest size dilator in your kit. You can increase the size over time which will help you have more comfortable exams, vaginal sex, or both without discomfort.

    1. Apply lubricant to the dilator and to the opening of your vagina. A water-based lubricant is recommended.
    2. Using gentle pressure, slowly insert the round end of the dilator into your vagina. Always insert it at a flat or slightly downward angle.
    3. Continue to insert the dilator until you feel slight discomfort or muscle tension and then stop. The dilator should feel snug but not painful when you insert it into your vagina. Never use force or cause pain.
    4. Do a set of Kegel exercises, as instructed in our HOW TO KEGELCIZE blog post. These exercises will help you relax your pelvic floor muscles and insert the dilator a little further. If it is still difficult to insert the dilator after doing Kegel exercises, take some deep breaths. Then, refocus on relaxing your pelvic floor muscles and try to insert the dilator a little further. Don’t worry if you can’t insert the dilator completely.  Over time, you may be able to get the dilator in a little bit further. 
    5. Leave the dilator in place for 5 to 10 minutes.
    6. Gently push it back and forth to stretch the length of your vagina.
    7. Gently rotate the dilator in wide circles to stretch the width of your vagina. Repeat this at the back, middle, and opening of your vagina. Some women find it helpful to work with more than one size dilator.
    8. Remove the dilator and wash it with hot, soapy water. Dry it with a clean towel. Store it as instructed in the kit.

After you are done you may have a small amount of bleeding when you use the dilator. This is normal. A panty liner will be enough to manage this. If you have a lot of bleeding, such as bleeding that soaks up a sanitary napkin, call your healthcare provider.

If you get urinary tract infections (UTIs) often, you may want to urinate following dilator therapy. If you have any questions or problems, talk with your healthcare provider at your next appointment.

The She-ology Wearables are easily cleaned with warm soapy water or your favorite toy cleaner, and are compatible with any chosen water based lubricant.


  • 2.67" x 0.53" / 68 mm x 13 mm (Dilator 1, Extra Small).
  • 2.96" x 0.74" / 75 mm x 19 mm (Dilator 2, Small).
  • 3.02" x 0.85" / 77 mm x 22 mm (Dilator 3, Medium).
  • 3.12" x 0.97" / 80 mm x 25 mm (Dilator 4, Large).
  • 3.33" x 1.18" / 85 mm x 30 mm (Dilator 5, Extra Large).