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Products tagged with mask
    • Shots Submission Eye Mask
    • Shots Submission Eye Mask

      The Submission mask is designed to stretch completely over the head and closes easily at the back with a zipper. The fabric allows just a hint of light in while impairing vision and awakening other senses.

    •  Fuck Me - Fuck You Blindfold
    • Fuck Me - Fuck You Blindfold

      Say it with silk. One side says "Fuck Me," flip over and the other side says "Fuck You," and doesn't that say it all?

    • Sportsheets Satin Mask
    • Sportsheets Satin Mask

      This traditionally-shaped satin eye mask ties around the head with a supple ribbon. It disguises your identity yet leaves just enough of your eyes exposed allowing your partner to guess your innocent or evil intent.

      $14.99 $7.49
    •  Stretch Hood
    • Stretch Hood

      The Stretch Hood may seem intimidating to some, but it is actually a great way to enhance sexual pleasure. Comfortable to wear, the Stretch Hood is perfect for couples who love to play and try different ways to experience sensual pleasure.

    • Shots Mystere Lace Mask
    • Shots Mystere Lace Mask

      Is your sex life exciting enough? Add this lace eye mask by Ouch! into the mix. Because the material only allows a small amount of light through, it reduces your vision, but heightens you other senses.

    •  Open Mouth Stretch Hood
    • Open Mouth Stretch Hood

      Where you cannot see, you feel. Where you cannot know, you'll hear and feel. This is the purpose of the Open Mouth Stretch Hood – it perfectly conceals most of the face while keeping the mouth free and accessible for other activities.

    •  Satin Eye Mask
    • Satin Eye Mask

      This smooth, satiny eye mask stretches to fit with an elastic band. Slip into the classic black, seductive red, or whimsical purple.

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