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Products tagged with ideas
    • Sportsheets Cheetah Sex Sling
    • Sportsheets Cheetah Sex Sling

      Cheetah Sex Sling's soft, comfortable neck rest and fully-adjustable straps allow you to get a leg up on your sex life! Rock gently with your partner, tantra-style, or get wild and take a beating. The choices and the pleasure are all yours.

      $24.99 $9.99
    •  Get Nasty
    • Get Nasty

      Give your partner the element of surprise and tease your way into fun. If you're stuck in the old routine, then you need to GET NASTY!!!

    •  Naughty Coupons for Couples
    • Naughty Coupons for Couples

      These 23 colorfully-photographed and suggestive coupons can be redeemed between lovers for exciting, daring experiences!

    •  Daily Sex: 365 Positions & Activities
    • Daily Sex: 365 Positions & Activities

      From sizzling seduction and foreplay, to torrid techniques and positions to the unexplored hot zones of your partner's body, turn on to 365 sensual scenarios, one for every day of the year (plus one more position for Leap years!)

    •  Dr. Sadie Allison The Mystery Of The Undercover Clitoris Book
    • Dr. Sadie Allison The Mystery Of The Undercover Clitoris Book

      With this book, lovers discover the most thrilling ways to arouse the clitoris just the way their beloveds desire, freeing the most exquisite orgasms these fortunate women have EVER experienced.

    •  Naughty Coupons for Her
    • Naughty Coupons for Her

      This fun book offers 22 sexy coupons guaranteed to bring her incredible bliss. This is a gift for him to give to her.

    •  Cosmo`s 365 Naughty Nights
    • Cosmo`s 365 Naughty Nights

      This naughty game from Cosmo gives couples 365 ideas for turning up the heat in the bedroom, living room, car, on the kitchen counter...well, pretty much anywhere!

    •  Guide To Getting It On - 9th Edition
    • Guide To Getting It On - 9th Edition

      Written with the goal of offering updated and up-to-the minute information for today's 18-34 year-olds, this updated classic is a must-have for any sexual information library or staff library!

    •  Dirty Dice
    • Dirty Dice

      The infamous "little pink dice" in the "little pink package!" One die will determine the action, the other the body part on which to perform said action.

    •  Bedroom Bucks Checkbook
    • Bedroom Bucks Checkbook

      Redeem these Bedroom Bucks Coupon-like checks for acts of love, pampering and passion!

    •  Cosmo`s Naughty Notes
    • Cosmo`s Naughty Notes

      Whether it's describing a naughty night ahead, arranging a mid-afternoon tryst, or revealing a racy secret, just peel out these racy messages and let the action begin!

    • Knock Knock Vouchers for Sexy Times
    • Knock Knock Vouchers for Sexy Times

      Give the gift that gives twenty times over, from "naughty nooner" to "tongue bath" to "steamy sexting!"

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