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Products tagged with game
    • CalExotic A Little Lovin Game
    • CalExotic A Little Lovin Game

      This fun adult couple’s game is designed for lovers. Made for two players, the themed card game involves finding that perfect balance between sex and romance and is ideal for both new lovers as well as established couples.

    •  Get Nasty
    • Get Nasty

      Give your partner the element of surprise and tease your way into fun. If you're stuck in the old routine, then you need to GET NASTY!!!

    • Kheper Games 50 Positions of Bondage
    • Kheper Games 50 Positions of Bondage

      These playful sex position game cards can be used as flash cards for ideas you can experiment with that incorporate bondage, or play the included game where you compete against your lover to build a fantasy.

    •  Cosmo`s Red Hot Sex Secrets
    • Cosmo`s Red Hot Sex Secrets

      Looking for a 100% steamier time in bed? Well, Cosmo's Red-Hot Sex Secrets has everything you need to enjoy your best sex life ever...even a book jacket that turns into a poster complete with 21 scorching hot sex positions.

    •  Cosmo`s Kinky Sex Games
    • Cosmo`s Kinky Sex Games

      No one knows fun & fearless sex like Cosmo, and this kinky game will show the world what "hot" really means. Open the deck of cards, and you'll find ten very, very naughty activities to spice up your lovemaking.

    •  Magnetic Poetry Kit: Erotic X Edition
    • Magnetic Poetry Kit: Erotic X Edition

      They say that the mind is the body's biggest erogenous zone and that words are a powerful aphrodisiac. If this is so, get ready to get cooking by the fridge.

    •  I Dare You Cards
    • I Dare You Cards

      From Sexpert Susie Bright, this beautiful gift box is full of 30 seductive activities or dares, each sealed in an envelope ready for the taking.

    •  Willy Play Dice Game
    • Willy Play Dice Game

      Big or small, thick or thin, bald or hairy, they all need attention! Take turns rolling the dice and foreplay your way to willy ecstasy.

    •  Kinky Truth or Dare Pick a Stick
    • Kinky Truth or Dare Pick a Stick

      Take sexy to a whole new level with this kinky version of truth or dare. Featuring 50 sticks printed with a racy truth on one side and a dirty dare on the other, this game is provocative but approachable.

    • Kheper Games Let's F*ck Dice
    • Kheper Games Let's F*ck Dice

      Players take turns rolling the dice, performing the action from die on the body part listed on the other. The winner rolls the silver die for an end to a perfect lovemaking session.

    •  F*ck Box - FUCK!
    • F*ck Box - FUCK!

      WTF? Plus fifteen other indispensable 'F' based profanities for every occasion. Expressive expletives at the touch of a button.

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