Romantic Heart Confetti

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Show some love with Kheper Games' Romantic Heart Confetti to set the mood in the bedroom, or place on a romantic bath - they float! They're also a sweet reminder to the bachelorette that she's celebrating something very special.
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Show some love with these romantic multi-colored heart confetti pieces that can help set the mood or be laid on a romantic bath - they also float! They're also a sweet reminder to the bachelorette and her friends that they're celebrating something very special.

So many bachelorette party supplies these days are penis- or sex-themed - not that there’s anything wrong with that; we love a good penis cake just as much as anyone. But sometimes we wonder if everyone’s forgotten what this celebration is really about: LOVE! The bachelorette party is a pre-party for your friend’s marriage, which is the ultimate manifestation of love. So, maybe somewhere in the jungle of penis decorations, you should have a little something to remind everyone of that?

And that’s why we think the Romantic Heart Confetti from Kheper Games is perfect for a bachelorette party or bridal shower. This classy and romantic confetti is made of a soft fabric-like material, and takes the form of a bunch of red and pink hearts. You can throw it on the bachelorette when she arrives, use it to decorate the tables, include a little in each guest’s invitation... the possibilities are as endless as her love for her future partner!