Hybrid Lubricant 2oz

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Naked Silk is a water-based personal Lubricant and an excellent skin conditioner. Naked Silk is a luxurious, non-tacky, water-AND-silicone-based personal lubricant that feels like your body's own natural lubrication.
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Naked Silk Hybrid Lubricant is a water/silicone hybrid personal lubricant that feels just like natural lubrication. It can be used safely with latex, rubber and plastic. Since it is a water/silicone hybrid it may be used in the pool, shower or hot tub and it will stay slick. Sex in the pool always sounds like a great idea until you try it, right? But sex in the pool is amazing with a silicone lubricant or hybrid lubricant like Naked Silk.

Naked Silk maintains outstanding slickness for a very long time, but even it will lose viscosity over time. Fortunately it is re-activated by water so the fun never stops! Naked Silk is available in a travel-friendly, convenient 2oz ounce bottle. 

Get your Groove on with Naked Silk!