Anal Douche

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CalExotic's Anal Douche provides squeaky clean results, leaving you completely confident in your anal explorations, and provides gratifying sensation during your cleansing. With the Anal Douche, you’ll have a deliciously-sensual douching experience.
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A classic anal cleansing tool featuring simple user-friendly construction and a handy glow-in-the-dark insertion tip, CalExotic's Anal Douche is perfectly portable and extremely effective, setting up in a snap for on-the-go play prep. This easy-to-disassemble douche features a soft, pliable bulb and a smooth, tapered attachment, supplying exhilarating pleasure every time you wash. It comes with two parts: the squeeze bulb and a glow-in-the-dark applicator.

Extra slim at its 2.5" tip, the Anal Douche nozzle screws securely to a soft red reservoir pump ball. Slip one of two watertight O-rings over the base of the ball before affixing the nozzle; this step ensures a snug seal. Fill the ball valve beforehand or place the attached tip into water or your chosen cleansing fluid and squeeze to draw it into the reservoir. The Anal Douche offers gratifying sensation during your cleansing for a deliciously-sensual douching experience.

In skin safe PVC plus firm plastic, the Anal Douche disassembles easily for thorough cleaning. It's easily cleaned with warm soapy water or your favorite toy cleaner, and is compatible with any chosen water based lubricant.