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Womanizer by Womanizer

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As recommended in O, the Oprah Magazine!

The Womanizer is the first intimate product to feature PleasureAir.  This incredible technology makes it possible to satisfy a woman without direct clitoral contact.  PleasureAir gently sucks a woman's clitoris into the soft silicone tip and surrounds her with gentle yet incredibly effective pressure waves of air. It's true, the Womanizer  sucks, but in a good way. Get past the poorly chosen name for this fabulous love toy and you will be ready to hop the non-stop train to OrgasmicVille. Our customers have given the Womanizer the highest praise. We have had customer feedback like:

"first orgasm in less than sixty seconds. Six more orgasms in the next ten minutes. The world would be a better place if every woman owned one." -Susie M.

"I didn't like to use toys. I got them to spice things up for my hubby. Now the Womanizer... I like. It is all for me." -Michelle P.

"I didn't understand it until I tried it. It took a moment to situate it properly. Then it was like WHOOOSH! Total orgasms over and over." -Paula N.

The Womanizer works best with a dab of water-based lubricant. Groove has lots of Lubricants to choose from. Apply water-based lubricant to the concave nub, then situate you clitoris in the hollow of the nub. The lubricant will help achieve a better seal between you and the nub of the Womanizer and that will improve sensation. Activate the Womanizer by pressing the small on/off button for two seconds. The larger, jeweled button selects between the five levels of eye-rolling, bliss-inducing levels of sensation. Use the jeweled button and play with the sensations to build up, then back off from your climax, so you can prolong play until you’re ready to orgasm. The Womanizer is also good for stimulating the frenulum or pairing with penetration.

Enjoy effortless pleasure while improving your intimate health and overall wellbeing. The Womanizer's unique PleasureAir Technology can help you achieve fast and often multiple moments of rogasmic pleasure. The silicone stimulation head glows in the dark and is exchangeable and washable. The Womanizer is USB rechargeable and its batteries last for 5 hours, but your orgasm will come in less than 5 minutes!  Make no mistake, this is truly a revolutionary innovative sex toy. 

Watch this Awesome Video Learn more about the Womanizer

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  • EAN 703255205076
  • Weight 340
  • Size X 15
  • Height 20
  • Size Z 2
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