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Pratt Sound 8 Pieces Set by Shots

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  • Sounding (also known as “urethral sounding” and “cock-stuffing”) involves inserting an instrument into the urethral opening and down toward the bladder for sexual stimulation. Shots' Pratt Sound 8 Pieces Set offers quality sounds for hygienic insertion.
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Sounding has become popular as an extreme form of sexual play. The act of sounding (also known as "urethral sounding" and "cock-stuffing" involves inserting a sounding instrument into the urethral opening and down toward the bladder for sexual stimulation. 

Sounding is used medically in urological surgery for dilatation of strictures or for obtaining access to the bladder. It's unclear how or when this activity made the jump from medical procedure to recreational fetish, but John C. Luna, sex educator and podcaster, assumes that, like the inauguration of most fetishes, people were simply curious to try something new and push their personal boundaries. Basically, they saw a hole and figured, "Why not shove an object in there? That might feel nice."

But how does such a seemingly-archaic technique promote sexual satisfaction? The skin inside the urethra is exceptionally sensitive. Therefore, having a well-lubed sound stretching and sliding inside the urethra can be very pleasurable. Men can sound much deeper than women and even reach the prostate, providing almost direct stimulation. A vibrator or small electrical current can be applied to the sound, which can provide very intense orgasms.

When seeking objects for sounding, always use medial-grade stainless steel or silicone sounds designed specifically for the urethra. You should also use a water-based medical-grade lubricant, as lubricants that contain glycerin can increase the chances of contracting a URI. Although women are more prone to URIs due to the short length of their urethra, men can get them as well, especially if you are sounding deep. Sounds should be sterilized by either steam, boiling water or a Betadine bath before and after using.

For safer sounding, one must assemble the necessary items. That includes: a set of medical-grade sounds, lubricant, gloves, sterile water, Betadine solution, Betadine swabs,two metal or plastic sterile containers, gauze and anti-bacterial soap.

Have the "top" (the person performing the sounding) and "bottom" (the recipient) wash their hands as well as the bottom's genital area with antibacterial soap. Next, fill the two aforementioned containers with sterile water and add the Betadine solution to one. Then, place a generous amount of lube on the gauze and open the Betadine swabs.

At this point, the bottom should be reclined so the genital are easily accessible, and the top should adorn their gloves. Next, use the swabs to clean the area near the urethral opening (this step is especially important when sounding women). During the entire process, the top should use one hand to touch the genitals while the other is kept sterile, only touching sterilized materials.

Select the desired sound and place in in the Betadine bath, shaking off excess liquid. Dip the tip of the sound into your chosen lubricant. Place the sound at the urethral opening and gently slide the sound in. From here, gravity should be doing most of the work. For a vagina, the maximum penetration is only two to three inches. For a penis, however, the sound can penetrate to the base, which, of course, will vary depending on penile length. Once there, maneuvering the sound toward, then away, from the body will help locate the correct angle and allow the sound to drop further down the urethra and close to the prostate. From here, sounding can be done until orgasm is achieved. Stop immediately if there is any pain or blood.

When finished, place the used sounds in the Betadine bath, then rinse and clean for storage. Dispose of gloves, gauze and excess lube, and clean the containers thoroughly. Soon after sounding, urinate (be aware that a burning sensation is normal), as itl will help flush out any remaining debris or bacteria.

Sounding is not for the faint of heart. But if the idea of sounding intrigues you, it's important to prioritize safety. Sticking medical instruments into your urethra is a precarious procedure that, if not approached properly, could tear open your urethra or even damage your prostate. While sounding is a popular fetish, it is one that must be approached with caution and education.

The stainless steel Pratt Sound 8 Pieces Set from Shots is made up of 29cm (11.5 inch) long sounds which gradually increase in width, allowing you to find a perfect fit and experiment with larger sizes. The Pratt Set is ideal for both beginners as well as experienced urethral play enthusiasts. These urethral dilators have a slight "S" shape. Contains: 8 Sounds 16 sizes from 13fr (1/8") to 43fr (9/16"). Sounds are 285mm long.


Sizes (all are 11.4"/29cm) long)

  • .1"/.25cm
  • .2"/.5cm
  • .25"/.64cm
  • .3"/.76cm
  • .35"/.89cm
  • .4"/1cm
  • .5/1.27cm
  • .6/1.52cm

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  • EAN 8714273534712
  • Weight 170
  • Size X 5
  • Size Y 15
  • Size Z 10
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